Sleeping is a natural state of resting. People spent about a third of their life sleeping. The number of sleeping hours and their quality is different for every person. Insomnia is a phenomenon that is not considered a problem unless it last long periods of time. When this happens we just might want to find the root of the problem and a cure. Not just a cure but a natural cure that will last long without sleeping pills addiction as a side effect.

There are two important stages for healthy refreshing night sleep:


No eye movement, dreamless sleep.


This is the dream stage which is characterized by rapid eye movements.

In order to have a good night sleep these two stages must take place. Most sleeping pills depress the paradoxical stage, this leads to a long dreaming stage. Most of the time long dreaming stage is accompanied by restless sleep and nightmares. When this happens people get back to pills and this is how the circle of addiction never ends, instead it gets worse.

Moreover, when taking sleeping pills the following considerations must be taken into account:

-They might lead to unwanted dependency on them.

-As with alcohol taking too many might be poisoning.

-The body gets used to the pills and, in time, needs more of them to gain the same effect.

-Sleeping pills could cause other organs to functionality disorders.

Sleeping pills are better being avoided. Here are natural advises which may help you sleep better:

1. Moderate exercise such as walking before bedtime.

2. A hot bath, an hour before getting into bed.

3. Reading a book.

4. Avoid heavy late meal for dinner.

5. Avoid coffee and cola especially in the afternoon.

6. Do not drink alcohol or smoke.

7. Use relaxation techniques for half an hour before you go to bed.

8. Drink green tea before bedtime.

9. The bedroom should be quiet and dark, and with fresh air.

10. Try writing down what keeps you from sleeping.

11. The bed should be used only for sleeping and no other activities.

12. If you fail to fall asleep, do not fight it. Get up, do something quite like reading a book, and get back to bed when you feel tired again.

13. One bad night is not a sign for another bad night, think positive that the next night is going to be better.

These are all-natural ways of getting a better night sleep. It is preferred to find a natural cure instead of getting addicted to sleeping pills. And one last thing- have a very good night.

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