The craft of flower preservation by UK artisans has reached amazing heights. Treating a special bouquet of flowers so it will last a lifetime holds great meaning for thousands of people. It might be for wedding flower preservation, funeral floral arrangements, or simply preserving flowers from a loved one’s garden. And it’s no easy task!

The detail of flower preservation by UK craftsmen has dramatically improved over the years. Bouquets can now be preserved 3 dimensionally, as well as 2 dimensionally, and placed in elegant glass frames or airtight domes suitable for the most beautiful centerpiece.

The methods of flower preservation can vary. The traditional methods use air drying, desiccants, pressing, and even microwaving. Today, the best flower preservation by UK artists is done by the cutting edge method of freeze-drying. Over the years, freeze-drying flowers to create a loving tribute has become a fantastic combination of both science and art.

Freeze-drying keeps the actual shape and color of the flowers perfectly. The results are flowers that are not nearly as brittle as those treated using the traditional preservation methods. It’s no wonder this method of flower preservation has not only taking hold in the UK but across the globe.

If you are considering having flowers freeze-dried, there are a couple of things you should know. There is a proper method of freeze-drying flowers… and if all of these steps are not done, your resulting floral display will not keep their extraordinary natural look, nor will they last as long.

The trouble is, not every freeze-drying company will actually perform every step, because it requires a great deal of time, work, and expense. Up to 12 weeks can actually be spent on each set of flowers. The freeze-drying equipment is expensive as well, and the equipment does require expertise to operate. Finally, a mastery of the art of floral design goes hand-in-hand with the entire process.

Be sure the flower preservationist you choose includes the following important steps in their process:

— Each flower is pretreated and rehydrated before the drying process begins.

— Good companies will take several photos of the bouquet first, so they know the appearance of each and every flower. Only then should they take the bouquet apart to be freeze-dried.

— After the flowers are freeze-dried, each individual flower is treated with a thin protective layer that will keep them safe from light and humidity.

Since freeze-drying is such a lengthy process, you’ll want to ship your floral bouquet to the designer while it is still fresh, if that is possible. Try to consult with your chosen flower preservation designer a month or two before the special occasion. Be prepared to wait in line… the really great UK flower preservation services are enjoying immense popularity! You may need to make a reservation in order to preserve your memories.

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